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WHAT WE DO This website is a music search index intended to make it easy and fun for you when searching for your favorite songs and music. The search includes singles, albums, and videos. This is very useful when looking for any exact song, checking videos or lyrics, etc. It is good for making sure it is what you want before downloading it, either for free or paid. It is even easier and faster than looking on Youtube for the same purpose. In general, we provide a free tool so you can look for songs and artists and be sure of who sings the song you are looking for, or if there are other versions of such a song, or if it is interpreted by more than one singer or music band as well (other versions or cover singers). This website also provides the picture of the album and you can always play a sample of any song or video to make sure it is the one you want. You can even see a sample of the lyrics of each song you find. You can preview any among thousands of titles, albums, and videos from any time from decades ago to the newest releases. Once you find what you are looking for, you may either buy the single song or the album or the video from Amazon or iTunes, or you can download it for free from anywhere else of your preference. Our job is only to give you the information and it is really up to you where you get it as we do not ask for registration or any information from you to use this service. This service is totally free. For your convenience, there are buttons provided inside each information page for each song to (1) Preview each song or video by playing a sample of it, (2) check a sample of the lyrics of each song (provided as a courtesy of Musixmatch.com), (3) Buy the song from iTunes.com, and (4) Buy the song from Amazon.com and (5) you will also be able to comment and share your opinion among thousands of users on any of the pages of each song, video or album. PAID VS FREE We love FREE things too! There are two problems about getting free MP3 files though; (1) you may infringe copyright laws if your download is not authorized (pirated) and (2) you will most of the time get a lower quality product. Both of these things may or may not concern you, so at least, we are explaining here about number two (quality) as the first one is self-explanatory. The good part of the provided buying options, either from iTunes or Amazon, is that you will obtain a top-quality version of the MP3, compared to lower quality free downloads taken from Youtube and any other free sources where the MP3 is being compressed and converted more than one time. Even when it is a digital product, changes in bitrate and quality happens when the MP3 file is been manipulated, converted and bitrate shifted, which is usually done more than once before you get it. It does not matter what is the end bitrate, all changes in quality are preserved and get poorer on each conversion or manipulation. Buying an MP3 song is not expensive at all. For example, prices on iTunes and Amazon range from $0.89 to $1.29 per song and it is even cheaper if you buy the whole album. You will be surprised about the quality of these products once you try it. I have heard both, free and paid, and can I tell you? There are free version where you can not even listen certain instruments of the song playing. What about that piano or guitar part that is your favorite? Can you hear it as live as it sounds in the paid version? What about that drum beat? Can it make your speakers vibrate in the free version as it does in the top-quality paid version? Compare and you will see listen what I mean :) WHAT DO WE GET As mentioned earlier, we do not charge anything for you using and taking advantage of this website as many times as you would like to. Happy users are more than enough. However, we want to be as clear and transparent as it can be. Please note that if you choose to buy any song, (MP3 download) or any videos (MP4 download) through this website Oh-Music.com, either from Amazon or iTunes, we as an affiliate of such parties may receive compensation from your purchase. Such compensations help us keeping this website up and running by covering server and maintenance costs. SOURCES All our website content is provided by: Disqus.com (commenting engine) Google.com (Ads) iTunes.com (previews and mp3 files) MusixMatch.com (lyric samples) Amazon.com (mp3 files) About our affiliation with Amazon: This website, Oh-Music.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Thank you and happy searching!