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SONG: Differently
ARTIST: Lauren Sanderson
Might be in LA but Indiana live in me
I'm on a new wave but I ain't rolling differently
No I'm no cliche
Ain't bout to change up for no motherfuckin' palm trees
So you see me differently

Differently differently know you see differently
Everyone changing up, everyone switching up
Everybody in LA is so different I know it
City of mannequins, city Los Angeles
Madison, Haley and Jessica, Angela
City of white lies and white lines, I know that you know it
Out on a date
You say you 15 away, I know you 40 away
You always making me wait
Pick me up, know that you late
Oh you got nothing to say?
Everybody around me is the same
I see right in your face
Yeah you know that babe, know that shit