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The Silver Scream - ICE NINE KILLS

The Silver Scream


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Tracks: 13

  • ℗ 2018 Fearless Records, a division Concord Music Group, Inc.


Track Sample Title Artist Time Lyrics? Buy this Song
The American Nightmare ICE NINE KILLS 4:10 USD 1.29
Thank God It's Friday ICE NINE KILLS 4:23 USD 1.29
Stabbing In The Dark ICE NINE KILLS 4:36 USD 1.29
The Jig Is Up (feat. Randy Str ICE NINE KILLS 3:57 USD 1.29
A Grave Mistake ICE NINE KILLS 3:04 USD 1.29
Rocking The Boat (feat. Jeremy ICE NINE KILLS 4:06 USD 1.29
Enjoy Your Slay (feat. Sam Kub ICE NINE KILLS 4:15 USD 1.29
Freak Flag ICE NINE KILLS 3:18 USD 1.29
The World In My Hands (feat. T ICE NINE KILLS 3:50 USD 1.29
Merry Axe-Mas ICE NINE KILLS 3:18 USD 1.29
Love Bites (feat. Chelsea Talm ICE NINE KILLS 3:00 USD 1.29
IT Is The End (feat. Less Than ICE NINE KILLS 4:48 USD 1.29


  • After this Album Made me A Big Fan

    By Danny Ramirez Calzada
    The American Nightmare-Freddy Krugger 4/5 Thank God It’s Friday-Jason Voorhees 5/5 Stabbing In the Dark-Michael Myers 5/5 SAVAGES-LeatherFace 4.5/5 The Jig is Up-Jigsaw/Billy 4.5/5 A Grave Mistake-The Crow 5/5 Rocking The Boat-Jaws 5/5 Enjoy your Slay-The Shinning 4/5 Freak Flag-House of 1000 Corpes/Devils Rejects 5/5 The World In my Hands-Edward Scissorhands 4.5/5 Merry-Axe-Mas-Silent Night Deadly Night 4.5/5 Love Bites-An American WereWolf In London 5/5 IT is the End-Pennywise 5/5 EXTRA: Your Numbers Up-Ghostface(Scream) 5/5 Communion Of The Cursed-The Exorcist 5/5
  • Great Album

    By Daddy Nugget
    I love this Album so much Ice Nine Kills did a great job making it
  • Highly recommend

    By AnthonyGauss
    This album is the best album I’ve listened to in the metalcore genre in 4 years as of 10/06/2018. You don’t really get to hear the good songs on the radio because they’re explicit. It’s just a shame that a grave mistake was the only song on the radio which can bring more peoples interest.
  • Best Record of 2018!!!!!!!!

    By Divebomb aRt
    I herd and seen Ice Nine kills in the past wasn’t a fan. But now because of this album this is an album I am a huge fan. A must check out. The silver scream is legendary. Good work on keeping the horror rock and metal genre Alive, every song on here is amazing and true. I can’t wait to see what they put out next. Will be playing the Silver scream every Halloween for years to come would love to hear a sequel album good work Ice Nine Kills you out did yourself’s best Album of 2018
  • Wow I’m impressed

    By Old metal man
    I’m new to these guys but the story in the songs are great the vocals are spot on and love the music. I have to listen to more but I think I’m a new fan
  • New fan here! Great album!

    By Dark-Musician
    I listened to the entire album earlier! The American Nightmare was the first song I heard by this band. This band’s material is really great. Songs about horror movies sounded really interesting and the songs are amazing. I give this a 4/5 because of the two songs SAVAGES and Freak Flag. I thought SAVAGES was the weakest on the album. I don’t hate the song, I just don’t see myself going back to it. It’s kind of a generic rock song. As for Freak Flag, I find it catchy but I find it a little weak and a little generic, even though I like it. As for the rest of the songs, I love them! I keep going back to The American Nightmare, Thank God It’s Friday, Stabbing In The Dark, & almost all of the songs on this album. Overall, this band has some really great songs and this is a great album.
  • Very clichè

    By Jkearney54
    I mean it’s a good album....if you’re 13 with parent issues. Lots of old emo cliches that nobody thinks is cool anymore. I mean singing about IT? “Here lies a dead bride and groom”? Cmon now. Grow up guys. Write about something meaningful. Maybe put more creative riffs and chords in your music and I might ignore the extremely lame tasteless lyrics.
  • Not A Grave Mistake... (After listening to IT entirely)

    By ConversingChuckTaylor
    Calling it now... Metal Album of the Year! ICE NINE KILLS have outdone themselves, their strongest album hands down and each song is incredibly well thought out. (And no I’m not saying Trick/Shadow/Predator was weak, because those albums are awesome too) For me, after getting into them late 2016/early 2017, I had a great feeling about what this band could do moving forward... the wait is over and The Silver Scream is a beautiful masterpiece 😱 In Conclusion: INK in the awards baby 😉
  • Greatness in a nutshell

    By twtwffle
    When my older brother first introduced me to INK last year, i thought i wouldn't like it because im not really a rock kind of guy but i was very much mistaken. The first song i heard was Thank God Its Friday and i was captivated by the smoothness yet intense feel of it.

    By Blazing Lucario
    This album is absolutely fantastic, every song plays on the theme of the source material brilliantly, feels fresh and gives a decent summary of bits about each film, not enough to spoil but enough to help you understand if you haven’t seen them, and for those who have seen the films, brings the songs to an entirely new level. This album feels like it was fun and a complete blast to make, its refreshing to listen to with how oversaturated the genre can feel at times with the same old sound. Even their referencing to their other albums in the song “Rocking the Boat” feels so enjoyable to hear and give INK fans a nice moment of giddiness. Probably the best album released in 2018 and their work has only gotten better from album to album!


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