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Leave Before the Lights Come On - EP - Arctic Monkeys

Leave Before the Lights Come On - EP

Arctic Monkeys

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2006-10-17
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Tracks: 3

  • ℗ 2006 Domino Recording Co.


Track Sample Title Artist Time Lyrics? Buy this Song
Leave Before the Lights Come O Arctic Monkeys 3:52 USD 0.99
Put Your Dukes Up John Arctic Monkeys 3:01 USD 0.99
Baby I'm Yours Arctic Monkeys 2:41 USD 0.99


  • Best cover ever

    By Renegadeoffunk0
    I got married 3 years ago and that's about the time I got into AM. I was looking for a wedding song and came across the Baby I'm yours cover and instantly knew it was our song. Everybody loved it just as much as my wife and I did! I'll listen to AM till I die.
  • *ridiculous clap that paula does*

    By plunger14
    I love this album and any album by the arctic monkeys and i would recommend this to anyone who likes the strokes
  • fantastic

    By NatalieMo
    the arctic monkeys are incredible. that all i have to say. INCREDIBLE!!
  • Great

    By Muse12345
    Leave before the lights come on is one of the best arctic monkeys songs ever
  • Put the Little Flames on iTunes!!!!!!!

    By surfetnies7/29
    yea yea, this EP is brilliant and amazing and all that, but this is the ONLY Little Flames song I can get. I know they didn't really release a real album, but their singles are truly great, and you can't find them in many other places. If listeners like this cover version so much, shouldn't they be allowed to buy the original????
  • They never let me down

    By miss music geek
    So they've still got three up on me! This is great stuff and very true to their lovely sound!
  • Woah...

    By 7ismyluckynumber
    Leave Before the Lights Come On (has a great music video, you should check it out) and Put Your Dukes Up John are exactly the kind of sound I'd expect from these guys, but Baby I'm Yours comes way out of left field. It's so sweet. It doesn't sound like AM at all, but I still like it.
  • they didn't live up to the hype, but they sure lived up to somyhting

    By erfjerlklfjdsklcj
    There was alot of preaure on arctic monkeys and they deffinetly arn't the new beatles. however, they are an AMAZING BAND and i love them. bravo
  • Alex Turner is my Idol

    By Fonton
    I LOVE THE ARCTIC MONKEYS!! So it's no surprise that I would love this mini album. The price is a little pricey though I bought it at Record and Tape traders for cheaper but still if you love the monkeys or just Alex then definatly buy it.
  • the monkeys slowing it down... nice

    By colfaxav
    I love this EP.. especially baby i'm yours. this is a different sound from all of the fast and funky beats from other songs.. i have loved these guys since i first heard them and cant wait for the new album on april 24 2007


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